Just finished reading and boy what a story!

The way Laurie Frost painted her world was unbelievable. There is no denying she spent quality time researching her world with the different cultures from each race throughout the book. LOVED IT!

Spoiler Alert: Don’t continue reading if you haven’t finished.

Elloren is by far a relatable character. The story revolves around so many obstacles and failures that she has to overcome to survive. I love her stubbornness of going against her aunt in fasting to Lukas Grey. Even though I like Lukas, as a reader, I can not get past the inevitable hook up with Yven instead. I found myself as emotionally flustered as Elloren when it comes to the “kelt”…..or whatever amazing race he is. Is he Fae? I hated not getting that answered in this book but it doesn’t upset me too much because I already know I am buying the next one! But holy Moses she makes Yven very desirable with his mystery and the small glimpses of his soft side. I need them to kiss already!

Oh! Is there anyone else out there that pictures Fallon Bane as a toad of a girl? I know she is described as beautiful but I just can’t picture it. I think of a Millecent Bulstrode, from Harry Potter. All I know is I can’t wait for Elloren to take her down someway or somehow. For the love she is a vile wench!

The ending was perfect, wrapping up with the resistance. Having adults in the background of the story and still being an anchor for these students is very well approached.

I will definitely be buying the next one!