Are you ever so deep in thought while driving you find yourself driving aimlessly instead of going to Walmart to buy the milk you needed? A current of ideas travel non stop the moment I am behind the wheel. I can be sitting at home all day trying to write the next words in my book, racking my brain for ideas and sayings; to the point I get beyond frustrated. But when I run to the store for something as simple as milk, my mind wakes up. I now have handful of ideas for other books to write, along with another way my current story could go.

Your thoughts might not be exactly like mine….if so that would be really weird, but I am sure you have become just as clouded, where you easily forget what you were doing to begin with. So what is that for you? A relationship? A success? A failure? A great idea for an invention?

Sixth Times A Charm

Bitter with a touch of sugar. Or is it Bitter drenched with salt? I guess it would depend on who you are talking to. Someone can be bitter, yet appear to slather on positivity. Someone can also be bitter and own the salt bitch face. You know what I am talking about. The bitter beer face.

No this isn’t about anyone in particular. It is more of an observation that triggered my creative thoughts…digging deeper into emotions around me. No matter how I try to overdramatize any type of feeling or emotion, it’s sad to say there are those who wear them.

Why are they like this?

The answer to this question is what makes brilliant writing. It creates learning and creating a backstory that follows a perfectly placed train track until it derails and forms deeper characteristics and layers. In result, an overdramatized person—equals perfect character.

Five Golden Rings

I have always been a people watcher. But pushing myself as a writer, I have found people watching a great resource for my characters. The visuals of stories play in my head, creating their world. (People in stores, I mean.) For example. You have the mother of two crying children; the mother carries on as if she does not hear them, while the rest of world is wondering when she is going to do something about it. My thoughts are often times wondering, “What is going on in her head? Is she thinking of a date night coming up, or a place to drop her kids off so she can run far far away?” (Don’t judge….there has been a time or two that most of you have literally thought the same thing.)

I also notice habits. I was having breakfast with a dear friend, and I notice she plays with her ear lobes quite a bit while she talks. I don’t think she realizes she even does it. But I loved it! How often do we mindlessly/ nervously act when we are with others? Do you twirl your hair? Do you shift your weight? Do you bite your cheek? We all have our tic’s per say, I break eye contact a lot when I talk. I feel weird staring into someone eyes for long periods of time….unless it’s my husband….and it’s a staring contest.

What are you mindless/nervous habits? Or why do you people watch, if it is something you do?

Number Four

Most of my thoughts and ideas happen when I don’t have access to my laptop. They happen while I am driving to work or on my way home. They happen when I am in stores shopping. And they happen when I am trying to sleep and my laptop is downstairs charging and I am too tired to get up.

I have many notes written in different notebooks that happen to be near at time of thought, or voice to text on my phone, and even ink on hand.

It is amazing how your story breathes, there isn’t any “closing” the book when it comes to YOUR characters. I have breathed life into them, starting inside my head. So when they want to go somewhere, they let me know. And I dare not let the thought wait….b/c let’s be real—I’ll forget.

AND MY VOICES MUST NOT BE SILENCED! says every crazy person, aka authors.

Second Llama Entry

Women’s softball playing in background…..wish it was still Harry Potter. Only because Harry Potter doesn’t distract me.

Writing chapters can be exhausting. I seriously spent five minutes on two sentences. I get this way a lot. I think way, too, hard and worry how perfect the sentence should be. But I know if I just write what comes out of my head, sleep on it, and adjust accordingly, I get much more done. So why does my brain fling me back to comatose state? It’s infuriating because then it sends me here. Here I am, making another random post. IN THE SAME DAY!

And why is Divergent playing in Spanish on my appletv? All I want is to watch my favorite music accumulating kissing scene….

First Llama Entry

Does it count if this site alone is the first random idea? I know, I know. Boring! However the idea that prompted this site was to post thoughts that were not big enough for a blog. I forewarn you….there will be jokes to be had.

So what am I doing? I am procrastinating to write. I have Harry Potter on in the background and a pretty cool llama picture in my foreground. (Which I found on shutterstock.)

Okay, okay, my random rant is over. I really do need to find something else to help me procrastinate….