Five Golden Rings

I have always been a people watcher. But pushing myself as a writer, I have found people watching a great resource for my characters. The visuals of stories play in my head, creating their world. (People in stores, I mean.) For example. You have the mother of two crying children; the mother carries on as if she does not hear them, while the rest of world is wondering when she is going to do something about it. My thoughts are often times wondering, “What is going on in her head? Is she thinking of a date night coming up, or a place to drop her kids off so she can run far far away?” (Don’t judge….there has been a time or two that most of you have literally thought the same thing.)

I also notice habits. I was having breakfast with a dear friend, and I notice she plays with her ear lobes quite a bit while she talks. I don’t think she realizes she even does it. But I loved it! How often do we mindlessly/ nervously act when we are with others? Do you twirl your hair? Do you shift your weight? Do you bite your cheek? We all have our tic’s per say, I break eye contact a lot when I talk. I feel weird staring into someone eyes for long periods of time….unless it’s my husband….and it’s a staring contest.

What are you mindless/nervous habits? Or why do you people watch, if it is something you do?