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Thumbs Down

I am not completely sure on how I liked this book. It was an easy read that seemed suspenseful and plain? Is that a thing? 

The suspense came in the form of cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, however, the beginning and middle were too random.

I found some of the multiple POV’s depressing. While the witness Ella’s pov I liked, and the husband, Mr Ballard; well that is until his repetitive phrase “you disgust me” repeated every time he popped up. 

I found the detective’s storyline random. Did we need to know about his wife and him having a baby? And his thoughts about the other woman that never turned into anything. His background was weak.

Also the whole odd storyline with Sarah and her sister. I understand the sexual abuse needed to be heard, but the hippy safe house was really bizarre.

I just felt the characters and their backstories were bland. And the killer/ suspect was most random of all. There was nothing to guess it was Tim. Nothing. Not until right before the ending reveal.

Sorry Teresa Driscoll, I wasn’t a complete fan.