Five Stars

It has been a really long time since I’ve read a book that had me hyperventilating at the end. I had read the raves on the reviews of this book, so I knew there had to be something special about it. But let me tell you, I was blown away by how brilliantly Alex Michaelides weaved this story together. If you have not read this book, PLEASE do not continue reading this review. Because there WILL be SPOILERS!! Get the book. And read it. I promise you will not be disappointed!

The story starts off explaining Alicia’s story of how she murdered her husband six years prior and how since the murder, she has not spoken a single word. So already the story is intriguing. Why would someone cut off their voice for so long? We continue to uncover how deeply in love she is with her husband Gabriel. Once again,WHY would she murder this man she loves so much and not speak of it? Shock? Sadness? Guilt? You find yourself trying to figure it out along with the story teller, Theo. He is the psychiatrist that worked his way to the psych ward where Alicia was kept, just to be able to unravel this mystery. Theo is a complex character. His past is depressing and he finds that his love at first sight wife, is cheating on him. You find yourself rooting for this character.

Amongst the storytelling, there are diary entrances from Alicia, telling her story from two weeks out leading to the murder of her husband. We are introduced to characters that we view from her side of things and also through Theo who finds these people unknowingly and shows us another view of these characters who so-called were close to Alicia.

Slowly, Theo breaks through to Alicia. She speaks. She tells him her story.

Through this whole story you hang on to every word uttered from Alicia’s mouth, and you hang on to every discovery that Theo uncovers. Each time I try to figure it out, something else has me guessing of someone else. When the end begins wrapping up, you figure that Alicia finally talking is going to be the biggest event. But it’s not. It is when you discover there are two time frames have intertwined during this whole book. My mouth was wide open and I was shaking my head no. This could not be happening. Surely, not Theo?

Theo discovers that the man his wife is cheating with is none other than Alicia’s husband, Gabriel. It is Theo who tries to make Alicia see clearly the betrayal of her husband and places the gun in her hands.

WHAT???? My mind is BLOWN!

Hands down unexpected ending ever. LOVED how easy it was to read and how it kept me intrigued. I hated putting this book down. Alex, if you ever come across this review, thank you SO much for writing this!