Loved it!!

Shatter me immediately grabbed my attention. From the very start.

Juliette is a girl who has faced rejection her entire life. The author gets this point across throughout the whole book without overkill. Just enough to help shape this beautifully fierce character in your mind and heart. I found myself rooting for her until the very end.

And Adam? Hello! Talk about a legit male character. Not only bad ass, but a soft hearted, kind spirited kinda dude. The way he takes care of Juliette made those “almost” scenes make my heart beat fast.

And the villain…Warner. What is his backstory? Makes you wonder with the brutality he possesses. It’s hard to imagine a beautiful face to be so dark inside. But he was written perfectly. Had me feeling all the revulsion that Juliette did.

So Warner isn’t effected by Juliette’s gift? Does Warner have a gift, too, and isn’t aware? Like Adam?

So so so good!