Gifted Sisters And The Golden Mirror

(Book One)

Orphan Twins

One Sister Lives in peace

the other is trained for war

Magic has been missing for centuries but a prophecy foretells of its return. Livia and Vera hold the key to its unlocking but neither know the other exists, until a golden mirror appears in their dreams. The reflection reveals a startling truth, and the sisters begin to question everything they’ve been told.

Vera a feared assassin, is tasked with hunting her twin down. And Livia must find a way to stop her before two kingdoms are destroyed.

Blood will war agains blood. and a choice must be made.


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Gifted Sisters and the sapphire of truth

(book two)

A sister’s bond is strong.

But a sister’s betrayal is shattering.

Vera assassinated King Kgar, but when one tyrant dies, another rises. With his puppet king dead, the mysterious Enchanter becomes desperate. Seeking to control the four kingdoms, he unleashes the Women of the Scree, demanding the return of a stolen relic.

Denying him means Death.

But the Enchanter makes Vera a tempting offer: her help in exchange for her freedom. Does she keep loyalty to her sister and risk death, or succumb to betrayal for a life she never hoped to dream?

Kingdoms will crumble and fall under shadows. But at whose hands?

Vera must decide.