Jeeping Is A Thing


Many years ago I got married. It was one of those where I met him and three months later we married. Life was good until he asked if he could start playing World of Warcraft. Knowing nothing about this “world” I said sure. It’s just a computer game….right? Well, the game became his life. I tried to understand, and even played myself. It pushed us apart.

I know, I know, what does this have to do with Jeeping. I’m getting there. Stay with me.

Then I got married again. This time we dated for three years instead of months. I learned his hobby of hunting. And though I don’t hunt myself, I go along for support. (And it sets a great writing atmosphere.) So after a few years, he came to me and asked if he could buy a jeep. Surely this wouldn’t be anything like World of Warcraft, right?

All of a sudden my world changed. He told me about a community of jeepers who hang out together and go on trails. I was not thrilled about this. It sounded awful. Plus, his jeep was turning out to be a very expensive potato head on wheels.

Well I went to a jeeping event called a Novice Run. Where all the newbies are put into groups and taken through trails. My husband was excited. I kept my grumbling to myself and sucked it up. I would not let him do this hobby without me. I couldn’t lose him.

Then I met Sharla. A woman who isn’t afraid of anyone. In fact, guys are scared of her. She talked me through every obstacle that I was sure we were going to die on. I fell in love with her. In a platonic loving sister way. (Don’t get any ideas.)

Then I met more jeepers. And more. Kept going to other events. Discovered it is a huge charitable group, working closely with the Kai Warrior Foundation. Kids with cancer. It is so much more than I thought it ever would be.

At the beginning I thought for sure it would take my husband away from me, like the silly game did my first marriage. Instead, it has made us closer than ever. We have met some of our best friends through jeeping. They are crazy, caring, inappropriate, and supportive people. I will forever be grateful to this group. They are my family. Thanks Jeepers Anonymous!