Here I am!

I have finally developed a webpage!! Yay!

I started writing the beginning of my book in September of 2017.  It was an idea that came to me a few years ago as I was sitting with my step daughter.  I had mentioned that I wanted to write a story.  She gave me the idea of it being about her and that she would like to have a sister.  (Even though she doesn’t remember any of this, I still give her credit!) 

    Speed up to now, I now have a first draft finished.  It involves twin sisters who were raised separately, due to an attack on their home by the Silent Watcher assassins.  The story starts mere days before their sixteenth birthday.  They would have never been prepared for the changes that would come.  Prophecies predicted their development of a gift but it did not reveal what it would be.  Livia and Vera try to discover this new gift. They also try to figure out their dreams that involve a golden mirror.  A mirror that reflects themselves…..or so they think.

Please come back often and check up on my latest development! Can't wait to have my book in your hands!!

-Rachel Crist