A Teaser? Why didn't I think of that?


My rewrite is definitely coming along, but there are moments that my eyes cross and I have to stop.  I decided to bring up my kindle app and look for a book to read.  Now as a writer, I am finding it hard to be able to read while writing a book. Soooo ignoring this problem, I searched anyways.  Lo and behold, I discovered Terry Goodkind released a short-length teaser of an upcoming book.  Now, for those who do not know me, I LOVE me some Terry Goodkind.  The Sword of Truth series that portray Richard and Kahlan, gets me excited.  So when Goodkind released the Nest, I was sketchy.  Because it had nothing to do with my loving characters.  But loving his writing, I gave it a try. And. I. Loved. It.  Okay, so now I have found this teaser story.  What a brilliant idea to do.  How many times have you waited for the next book of a series and wished to have any kind of information about it?  All the time!  And what better way for me to read something not too heavy at this point of my writing journey, than to read a short teaser?  So I bought, Troubles Child.  It is a teaser to his upcoming novella, The Girl in the Moon. Now that I have talked about it, I am super excited.  I will now sign off here and start this teaser!

Rachel Crist