How Far Would You Go To Find Death?


On my way to write about a teenage girl who has suffered loss after loss, in my side project, Deaths Shadow, I have had to research a realm that I am unfamiliar with. Death. When one thinks of death, we think of loss. Death is that middle ground, the first to greet you when you are no longer alive. It is the place that stands between heaven and hell. Deep stuff, right? I have been reading over many documents that circle around the meaning of life. From different cultural views, and others myths and what seems to be made up worlds. It has been beyond interesting and more than eye opening for what little I actually need for my project. 

 In this book project, I will be creating a world that mixes between truth and fiction. It has made me take pause, and has me worrying of what people I know might think of me when they read what I will write. But I am also new to this whole writing thing and I realize it is fiction. My intention is not to offend anyone, and I can't go into this thinking that way.

In saying all this, I would love to hear your thoughts or references on your view of death. What is death to you? Has it ever been something that you have thought deeply about? With Genesis, the girl in my project, she wants to hunt death. Stop him from taking life of the people in her own life. Have you thought the same? Would you stop something that others say "it's just part of life."? Comment. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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