Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet.jpg

I wonder what the original story read as on all of my favorite books. The more I go in and perfect my story, I realize my story must be changed to remain consistent. I thought writing would be simple steps. 1. Write Story  2. Edit Story. 3. Publish Story.

Here is the reality. 1. Write Story  2. Rewrite Story  3. Send to Editor  4. Cry  5. Take a chainsaw to story  6. Rewrite Story  7. Editor again.  8.Adjust writing.  9. Publish

I believe I have four different versions of my book now written. I have skillfully mutated them all together now and it's beginning to actually excite me again. When I hear that some novels take years to write, I now know why and I believe it. I have found that at first, I had to get it out by this summer and I was unintentionally stressing myself out. But I changed my thinking and I pushed aside the need to rush through it just to get it out to the world. Even though I keep a thin layer of the pressure on me, I use it to help motivate me. 

The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror is my first novel, and with the hard work, dedication, and money I have poured into it, it deserves to be the best it can be. I want you, my readers, to understand this journey so that you understand why it's been shortly delayed from when I originally wanted it to be released. Thank you for your patience.