Blegh, Eww, and Heck No

Things I don’t like

Things I don’t like

No need to explain this topic….I’ll just dive right in.

1. Picking up wet hair that is not attached to a body.

2. Spiders…especially when you think it’s a leaf and you go to step on it with your BARE foot.

3. Someone taking trash out and not replacing the bag. 

4. Mean people. Not the, I am having a bad day mean, I mean everyday mean. It makes me want to hug them, but the ice pack on my eye afterwards isn’t worth it.

5. Bent pages in books….just don’t.

6. Books not in alphabetical order.

7. The SAW movies. Nope, can’t do it.

8. When my husband calls Hermione….hermonica…..

9. Sharks…..have you seen Jaws?

10. Snakes.

11. Slobber……especially in surgery when anesthesia suctions it out of patients mouths…the sound of it turns my face white. (I work in surgery….for those who don’t know.)

12. Driving in rain.

13. Mosquitos. Does anyone else welp up badly?

14. Infertility.

15. Stepping in dog poop bare foot…..

16. Placing your hand in something wet and not knowing what it is.

17. Christina Yang leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Along with 007, McDreamy, McSteamy, Burke, and Denny (not necessarily Izzy…)

18. Hedwig dying.

19. Brussel Sprouts

20. Not being able to sleep.

21. Stubbing my toe on the corner of the bed in the middle of the night….or ever.

22. Polka

23. People who throw others under the bus to make themselves look good.

24. Left up toilet seat….

25. Toilet paper going the wrong way (which is away from you…so stop it.)

26. Adultery

27. My mother in pain.

28. Burnt popcorn

29. Being late

30. Cooked vegetables

31. When my dad’s mad at me.

32. Not seeing my family enough.

33. Not able to wear my wedding ring due to my allergy to metals. (Even the silicone rings break me out.)

34. How the Harry Potter movies were so different than the books. (Which is how every book to movie is like.)

35. That my step daughter’s mother has cancer.

36. Hating people.

37. Ending lists on an odd number. (hee hee.)

What are things you don’t like????