Time and The Big Bang Theory


Sitting here with my husband, enjoying some Big Bang Theory.  My laptop is in front of me and I try to continue rewriting my first draft.  I write a sentence, then I backspace.  I write again.  I backspace again.  I can't stop looking up to the tv as Amy tortures Sheldon in a test of unfinished tasks.  I laugh as he twitches and squirms at not being able to finish blowing out birthday candles before Amy stops the last candle from going out.  

Big Bang has been a show that me and my husband have bonded over for the last eight years.  We can rewatch these episodes over and over again and laugh every single time.  When he doesn't want to watch, This is Us, with me or The Voice, we change it to Big Bang Theory.  When I don't want to watch Walking Dead or Street Outlaws, we change it to Big Bang.  

What is your Big Bang?  What gets you away from the mundane ways of your life and brings you to the clear mindlessness of pure joy?  I have been struggling with my time to write and then to spend time in a mindlessness of pure joy.  Don't get me wrong, I love to write and I love getting lost in my fantasy world and hanging out with my characters.  But it's also that screen that sits in front of me and separates me from my reality life.  I can't let my work interfere.  Now I will stop typing, close my laptop, and hold my husbands hand as we sit and laugh.