Beauty Behind The Mask

pretty face with red blindfold.jpg

How many of us judge others so easily?  I am the first to admit that I am guilty of this wrong.  We are so quick to look at another persons life and compare ours with theirs.  Especially when it comes to our looks.  Why do I constantly weigh myself when I do nothing in my life to make a change?  Why do I watch youtube videos on how to sculpt my eyebrows?  Why do I pluck the hairs from my face that some would not approve of if I did not?  

Everyone is quick to shame one another.  Why am I pointing out someones flaws?  Am I that insecure with myself that I have to put others down to make myself feel better?  These are serious questions and concerns that I daily face.  I am lucky to be married to a man that could care less if I have perfect eyebrows, or the small bulge of my stomach that I usually groan at.  Unfortunately I have to leave my house and face the scrutiny of others who do not have my husbands views.  

Every so often we hear about the young people who commit suicide due to being bullied.  I was lucky not to be exposed to social media as I grew up.  I escaped the trolls of the internet.  I still had the bullies in my days, but I could go home or be with my friends and not have to read others comments.  I had a bowl cut for goodness sake!  I question my own life choices but I survived so I count those moments as lessons learned.  Those lessons allow me to overcome the bullies I still face today.  If you have those positive people in your life, hold on to them tight.  They will be your positive beacon of light to pull you through the storms.  You will survive.  No matter if you accidentally shave your eyebrow WILL grow back.  Love yourself and others will see it and want what you have.  Smile at that person who is having a bad day.  Be their good day.  Learn corny jokes and tell them.  And above all else, keep your judging in check.  No one is perfect.