Good idea. Bad idea.

Light Bulb.jpg

Good idea: Throwing a penny into a fountain.  

Bad idea: Throwing your cousin Penny into a fountain.

Okay.  Breathe.  Writing a book is a huge deal.  An accomplishment, many can not even fathom.  So why do I feel like chucking my computer across the room and smashing it to bits?  Anyone?  It isn't even the story inside that has me wanting to crawl in a hole.  

Formatting, cover design, book description, blurbs, ISBN, copy editing, line editing, proofreading, trim size, and costs.  Combine all of those and it is a miracle I am not sending myself to a psych ward.  If I didn't have my mentor helping me organize my thoughts, I would have drowned in frustration.  

What is great about having a mentor, is they have the experience to let you know those good ideas and bad ideas.  Even though you don't have to do everything they suggest, it's nice to throw things their way and see what they think.  The writing world is vast and brutal but also beautiful and inspiring. 

Here are some ways that keep me a float.

1. Reaching out to those who are willing to help.  You are always tougher on yourself than you need to be, they will keep you grounded.

2. Breathe.  

3. Google is your friend.  Even though all the information can be overwhelming, there is always something out there that can help guide you in your steps.  

4. Sleep.  This is the toughest one for me.  I find myself awake hours past my bed time.  Find a mindless game that can numb your thoughts.  I color by number on my iPad.  Refreshing, tedious, and colorful!

5. Self confidence.  Grab onto it and use it at the most frustrating steps of your journey.  You got this!

What helps you gather your thoughts and keeps you from exploding?  Feel free to comment and let me know!  Positivity and encouragement can move people to do great things.  Let us all jump aboard this moving train and travel the distance to greatness!