One Door Closes Another One Opens?


I have recently just experienced a loss in the land of employment. The initial shock was devastating and downright depressing. The things that go through your mind, are almost identical to an actual break-up with a friend or lover.

Shock- Fear- Denial- Anger- Rejection - and the daunting closure you may never get.

These are phases that can come at you one at a time or all at once. I remember sitting in my vehicle after this, kick in the gut, termination. My vision blurred and all I could do was stare at the building, knowing there were so many inside that I will never see again. People who became a work family and took seeing them everyday for granted. So how do you pick yourself up after having the rug pulled out from underneath you?

You close that door and you OPEN another.

Even though I had my weak moments, I found that I also had an inner strength that told me, Rachel this failure does not define you and you WILL be ok. And you know what? I got that other interview and I got that job. So inner strength? Thank you! But it isn't all inner strength. It's also my faith and a group of people who were behind me, cheering me on. 

That "other" door is wide open and I am excited to see what it will lead me to.