Meaning Behind My Characters

Many have asked, “Where did you get these names for your book?” , so I decided to give you a little insight behind the names of some of my characters.

LIVIA- This one is easy enough, my middle name is Olivia, and I have always loved that name. Unable to have any children of my own, I had always wanted a girl named Livia. So I gave birth to a character instead.

VERA- I like the letter v in a name. It’s different and unique. This rare name somehow complimented Livia in my head.

AMAH- means nursemaid.

REGENT GRIF- named after one of my favorite surgeons, Dr. Griffin. He is also known as the Mcdreamy of the OR.

REDDIK- sorry, nothing special. Just loved the look of this name.

KGAR, BELLEK, RYKER, SLYK- I liked the letter K in the names of my Eastern Kingdom characters.

KAH- I used to make a bird sound for fun at work…Ca-caw! Change it to a K and there you have it.

NATE, MURROW, KARL- they are kindapped children of Dryden, simple names to the poor commoners of the Eastern Kingdom.

BRUCE- I knew a surgery robotic rep who once played football for OU. He is a large man, both tall and muscular. He matches the description size of this character so I gave him this guy’s name.

My all time favorite character is ZYRIK- (little ryk) A play on the name Rick, the name of my father.

KIMBER- A friend in my jeeping group has a little girl named Kimber….and I have never met a Kimber, so I told them I was using their daughter’s name in my book.

The SCREE- the definition of scree is, a mass of loose stones that form or cover a slope on a mountain. This is the land description of the Southern Kingdom, but also mixed with a sandy landscape. Derives from the Temple of the Scree.

SILENT WATCHERS- assassins are silent in their kills, and really good spies.

MAKER ADON- derives from the christian word, Adoni- love of God.

GUARDIANS PYNTH, DRYDEN, ACADIA, and ICEWYN- Icewyn was named for the ice in the Northern Kingdom. Dryden was named for the dry environment in the East. Pynth and Acadia sounded cool in my head.

LEECH- It looks pleasing to the eye, and different.

Did I miss any other character you would like to know about? Or do you have any questions for these characters? They would love to let you know!